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Welcome to Psychics Directory Network's All Psychics Page! Let us introduce you to some of the finest psychics available today. We offer many specialists in divination and spiritual counseling from clairvoyants to tarot readers to astrologers. Whatever your question, you will get answers. We are so confident in our readers that we offer a free, three minute reading to first time callers. Our live support staff will even help you find the perfect psychic for your questions and needs. Just call our 1800 number, now. We will show you why Psychics Directory Network clients return again and again for help, answers and support.

Aspasia Spiritual development psychic
I'm available
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Extension 17189

Aspasia provides outstanding readings that provide information so you can make informed decisions about your future!

Marchelle Medium psychic
I'm available
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Extension 12100

Marchelle comes from a family full of very gifted and intuitive women.Since she was a small child she has had an open...

Angela Straightforward psychic
I'm available
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Extension 16809

I will read for you by candlelight or daylight and always strive to invoke an atmosphere that allows for clarity and ...

Mona Compassionate psychic
I'm available
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Extension 16543

I will use my profound lifelong psychic gift to give you crystal clear and direct answers to all your important quest...

Spike Lynn Clairvoyant psychic
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Spike Lynn


Extension 17598

I will use a plethora of talents to help and guide you on the path. I tell you what you need to know to achieve your ...

Soul Full of Love Clairvoyant psychic
I'm available
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Soul Full of Love


Extension 12092

My name is Soul full of Love. If you looking for the honest truth about where your Love Life, Career and Finances are...

Adara Inspirational psychic
I'm away



Extension 17185

If you know better you will do better.

Angel Heart Clairvoyant psychic
I'm away

Angel Heart


Extension 17841

Angel Heart is a highly Spiritual Empath who can focus on the important issues in your life and help you find solutions.

Angel of Passion Cards psychic
I'm away

Angel of Passion


Extension 17812

I can help Transform your life!! Your one step away to a Great New Beginnings!!! Let me help you!!

Artemisia Joycraft Empath psychic
I'm away

Artemisia Joycraft


Extension 17873

Light and Love can make a difference ! No one can do this alone .

Celtic Colleen Healer psychic
I'm away

Celtic Colleen


Extension 16991

Colleen is a warm, caring Spiritual Practitioner that can help callers with empowering their lives and helping  them ...

Cynthia Astrology psychic
I'm away



Extension 12131

I am an highly driven "Intuitive Spiritual Guide" in which guiding and healing my clients is what is most important t...


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It's back to work or business as usual, and this should be a less costly time than you think. Admittedly, not all your requests will be granted today. At least however, others have your best interests at heart. In fact, you should manage to make good money at the end of this week - and you should do so right away.


You shouldn't be too disappointed by how others respond today. At least they are responding, which is fantastic. So why the long face? Chances are, that an old friend is experiencing a revival. Not that you are jealous. Besides, what is lined up next Friday is so encouraging, you might decide to throw a party.


Things should be much more plain sailing or smooth running, if you don't have total access and miss out on discussions today. Nevertheless, you are about to become more actively involved, thanks to your ability to think quickly on your feet. Certainly, what is arranged after midweek doesn't require an explanation, and it's definitely worth putting yourself out.


The likelihood is, that you will be doing some soul searching or serious thinking. Though that doesn't mean you cannot move the action forward or take to the skies today. No doubt you are also hoping to make a point. And so you shall. True, what is agreed around Friday is not your final decision. But it should certainly add a new dimension to your personal life.


There might be one or two twists and turns as this week begins. In the main, you should be inspired by events, not to mention by those who you previously tried to repel. But what is more wonderful is that someone is still very much part of your life, even if they put up a steel door recently. The likelihood is, that you will end the week on even better terms.


There is still so much going on behind the scenes, and the last thing you want to do is jump to conclusions. Meanwhile, this is likely to be a rewarding time, as long as you don't take financial advice blindly today. After which, the biggest secret of 2010 is about to be revealed. Talk about coming out of obscurity!


In some respects, you have a lot to be thankful for, even if relatives or certain associates have treated you badly. Strange to relate, you should also pick up something handy today. After which, you are more than glad to be home. And rightly so, because this is about as happy as the family gets.


True, you should manage to minimise any personal mistakes, and remove a few blocks today. Not only that, but you are far more persuasive than you realise. But not until around the end of this week will you be able to influence a loved one's decision. However, you should also be unfazed by a reunion.


Even though you may be given the run around, you should soon be flying off, if not flying the flag. Meanwhile, you can expect a friction free environment, and when you seem to be a bit on the nostalgic side today. However, not until the end of this week can you begin to plan ahead with any degree of certainty. By then, you should be on a higher plane.


There may be a few offers to consider, and eventually your fortunes will turn round. More likely, you are happy just being at home, even if the family are a bit restless today. Chances are, that what is about to signed and sealed is good for business, and that you won't lose out. However, for more personal reasons, do make sure you have a contingency plan.


This is still a decisive time as far as your career aims and personal aspirations are concerned. True, you shouldn't find it too hard to cope at work today. But, it's what is decided at the end of the week that you are perceived as a success or failure. More likely, it will be the former, even if you don't win first place.


A day of minor gains or fringe benefits, and when you are more than qualified to handle all the stresses and strains. In truth, you should still knock spots off most people, while an application form is being carefully considered. By rights, what is decided at the end of the week should put your mind at rest. The problem is, life is a little too easy.

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What people are saying about our psychics

Wonderful Adrienne she is the best. FABULOUS!


Adrienne LynnExtension 16123

Nancy could have not done any better. She was spot on with my daughters actions to my husbands intentions.


NanciExtension 16821

I loved how she got str8 into the reading using her cards. Great Reading


Lori CExtension 16820

I really like Spike's down to earth style. What an amazing reading. I got alot of information that was tough to hear, but what I needed to know. Spike tells it like it is, the truth and no sugar-coating. Everything she predicted about my boyfriend happened within a couple days.


Spike LynnExtension 17598

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