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Welcome to Psychics Directory Network's All Psychics Page! Let us introduce you to some of the finest psychics available today. We offer many specialists in divination and spiritual counseling from clairvoyants to tarot readers to astrologers. Whatever your question, you will get answers. We are so confident in our readers that we offer a free, three minute reading to first time callers. Our live support staff will even help you find the perfect psychic for your questions and needs. Just call our 1800 number, now. We will show you why Psychics Directory Network clients return again and again for help, answers and support.

Rena Energy sender psychic
I'm available
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Extension 17842

Rena is an experienced reader who can help you work through any problem you face. Consult her today and find all the ...

Angelique Clairvoyant psychic
I'm available
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Extension 16831

I am a  Gifted clairvoyant with a very high degree of accuracy and give great detail!

Adara Inspirational psychic
I'm away



Extension 17185

If you know better you will do better.

Angel Heart Clairvoyant psychic
I'm away

Angel Heart


Extension 17841

Angel Heart is a highly Spiritual Empath who can focus on the important issues in your life and help you find solutions.

Angel of Passion Cards psychic
I'm away

Angel of Passion


Extension 17812

I can help Transform your life!! Your one step away to a Great New Beginnings!!! Let me help you!!

Artemisia Joycraft Empath psychic
I'm away

Artemisia Joycraft


Extension 17873

Light and Love can make a difference ! No one can do this alone .

Aspasia Spiritual development psychic
I'm away



Extension 17189

Aspasia provides outstanding readings that provide information so you can make informed decisions about your future!

Celtic Colleen Healer psychic
I'm away

Celtic Colleen


Extension 16991

Colleen is a warm, caring Spiritual Practitioner that can help callers with empowering their lives and helping  them ...

Cynthia Astrology psychic
I'm away



Extension 12131

I am an highly driven "Intuitive Spiritual Guide" in which guiding and healing my clients is what is most important t...

Demeter Compassionate psychic
I'm away



Extension 17803

Natural-born Empath and Intuitive Reader will provide you with guidance, clarity and warmth. Consult her for any need!

Emily Spirit Channeling psychic
I'm away

Emily Spirit


Extension 17777

My sensitive, nurturing nature balances out the directness of direct information I provide. I go beneath the stories ...

Jasmine Straightforward psychic
I'm away



Extension 17183

By utilizing the tarot, Jasmine can help answer your questions about relationships; finance; and the future. By using...


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Whether or not your work is of any value, remains to be seen. All the same, you can expect some monetary rewards, though not immediately. In the meantime, you should receive some quality help today. There again, it don't come easy. Still, you will make up for it in other ways.


Certain meetings may not be mind blowing, and you merely have to walk out if things get too intense. Chances are however, you will be making another visit, even if you turn up unannounced today. On a deeper level, what you experience nearer the weekend will leave you more than semi moved, and turn heads.


For you the planetary alignment has a tendency to make others turn on you today. In reality, what is suggested is so realistic you might even blush. Seriously, it is worth traveling to see one person - more so after their recent confession. Better by far to wait a day or two before going anywhere, no matter how idyllic the idea seems.


You do not need to feel guilty or wonder why anyone hasn't thanked you personally. The good news, is that partners and loved ones are prepared to forget the past. So no more pain - perhaps just joy. Admittedly, what occurs nearer the weekend is a startling and strange reaction. Don't worry. Tell that to a partner!


Apart from an intriguing meeting, you should be ready to report elsewhere today. Not only will you shortly be escaping the pressures of being in demand, but you are also likely to bring all your baggage with you. Never more so than in a couple of days time, and it's hardly a short hop.


Things probably look bleaker than they really are, or you may feel down on your luck. In truth, life will seem cheap and easy, and there is no guarantee that you will have to uproot yourself today. Why should you? Either way, it will soon be apparent that you are building firmer foundations, and filling your home with stuff that costs so little, but makes you feel so secure.


You may have to stretch yourself a bit today. And you cannot exactly expect a bargain, even if you are still sitting pretty at the moment. Above all, certain people will no longer play hard ball compared to before. What's more, you are about to be presented with an opportunity like no other.


You could find yourself in a different world today. True, there could be the odd drama, even if it's a long way away. In fact, what is being planned or organised will probably leave you in raptures. Aside from that, you seem eager that another person comes for a visit, and it's not just a social one.


The star alignment tends to make you express your beliefs more strongly. Not that you will do what you did before. And as it happens you should generally be looking in other places today. It's ok to fool around. However, it will probably be nearer the weekend that the moment of truth has arrived, and the answer, of course, makes you believe in a present dream.


You may be prepared to wait a bit, and even retrace your steps today. What else are you thinking of doing on your own - which is really a loaded question. On a more practical level, you should soon see that an ill fated attempt to seal something was not in vain. That's optimism for you.


You may decide to part with some of your hard earned money today. But clearly you are thinking of your own security, and will pay up voluntarily. Not only that, but what is suggested shortly is a real big deal. Even the neighbours might get jealous. The family too are in awe.


Having gone ballistic recently, certain people will now tell you how great you are. At least, you won't be driven away today. In fact, you may be asked to take on a responsibility that will eventually give you everything you want. But for different reasons, you can also expect a brilliant twist in another saga nearer the weekend. The nightmare is over.

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Nancy could have not done any better. She was spot on with my daughters actions to my husbands intentions.


NanciExtension 16821

Amazing woman.and so positive....Always amazed at reading


Adrienne LynnExtension 16123

I loved how she got str8 into the reading using her cards. Great Reading


Lori CExtension 16820

awesome... will be back

Krystal Legacy

Cosmic CoachExtension 17539

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