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Welcome to Psychics Directory Network's All Psychics Page! Let us introduce you to some of the finest psychics available today. We offer many specialists in divination and spiritual counseling from clairvoyants to tarot readers to astrologers. Whatever your question, you will get answers. We are so confident in our readers that we offer a free, three minute reading to first time callers. Our live support staff will even help you find the perfect psychic for your questions and needs. Just call our 1800 number, now. We will show you why Psychics Directory Network clients return again and again for help, answers and support.

Angel of Passion Cards psychic
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Angel of Passion


Extension 17812

I can help Transform your life!! Your one step away to a Great New Beginnings!!! Let me help you!!

Patrice Inspirational psychic
I'm available
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Extension 17064

I know that we are all one in Spirit and my goal is to enable people to see the Light and Spirit that they truly are ...

Soul Full of Love Clairvoyant psychic
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Soul Full of Love


Extension 12092

My name is Soul full of Love. If you looking for the honest truth about where your Love Life, Career and Finances are...

Psychic Serena Cards psychic
I'm available
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Psychic Serena


Extension 16808

I CARE, I KNOW, and I FEEL what you are going through and I will help you with telling you the truth!

Adara Inspirational psychic
I'm away



Extension 17185

If you know better you will do better.

Amaya Nevel Clairvoyant psychic
I'm away

Amaya Nevel


Extension 17177

Tarot Expert and Reiki Master is here to answer any questions you have. Find guidance and clarity in your life!

Celtic Colleen Healer psychic
I'm away

Celtic Colleen


Extension 16991

Colleen is a warm, caring Spiritual Practitioner that can help callers with empowering their lives and helping  them ...

Eileen Cards psychic
I'm away



Extension 17836

As an intuitive reader and life coach, Eileen's insight is loving and gentle. Allow her to help you discover your tru...

Jasmine Straightforward psychic
I'm away



Extension 17183

By utilizing the tarot, Jasmine can help answer your questions about relationships; finance; and the future. By using...

Jena Clairaudient psychic
I'm away



Extension 17733

I provide in-depth intuitive readings that will enrich enlighten and inspire you in all matters of the heart and life...

Karen Compassionate psychic
I'm away



Extension 17186

She has a crystal ball, and she is not afraid to use it!

Lady Judith Cards psychic
I'm away

Lady Judith


Extension 17181

I can help you with all aspects of your life journey. Love, Job, Money, Goals, and where you want your life to lead you.


Daily horoscope

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Check your horoscope daily and see what's in the stars for you today. Click on the astrology sign on the left to read your horoscope. It's free!


This should be a time of better conditions, both at home and in the workplace. However, it's not necessary to stress yourself out, even if you are in the middle of an upheaval. Understand that any changes are for the best today - even enforced ones. Apart from that, you don't have to explain why you have turned a move down.


A thought provoking aspect between stars won't make you entirely tongue-tied today. Hardly. And, no doubt some rather interesting ideas will be formed. But as far as one particular plan is concerned, there is no way back. Still, you can't be accused of being indecisive.


You can't say that others have acted this way before! Hardly a personal tragedy, even if you can't be bothered to react today. After which, you will probably be talking as though you have always been in love. Still, this is something new. Put your clothes back on. Seriously, it means not having to be inhibited any more.


For you are reassuring link between the stars signifies that you have finally got someone's number today. And that's not aimed as a personal insult, as this time you know what you're talking about. Emotionally, you should be playing your cards nice and easy, despite being linked to two places.


An invitation to travel or socialise must be readily accepted, even if you are in-between places. Typical Pisces - neither here, nor there. There again, a fleeting meeting can steal your heart. And who knows what else you will be attached or latched on to today? Simply that a declaration of friendship offers a new pathway.


Both cash and property interests are curiously and brilliantly starred today. Doesn't matter if you can just about cover the rent. Strange to relate, but it will be more like living in a department store. Gifts will also make their way home. And this is where charity begins and ends.


No doubt you will be discussing work and how much you are worth today. By rights, even your lifestyle could significantly change. Of course, you are not the only one who is coveted. Having said that, it's not often that you mind taking responsibility for others without a good cause. Perhaps you can allow yourself a pat on the back.


Whether you are personally involved or not, things could happen at a frenetic pace.Linking up of stars signifies that you have entered the jungle, and it's inhabited by some strange creatures today. Even if you are one of those Taureans who is still in the wilderness, what you experience next is not complicated, but appealing.


You could be the first on the dance floor or else facing people square in the face today. Maybe you need to review one association, even if it leads to pandemonium. Nevertheless, there is no point stopping if you are having such a good time.


Both privately and professionally, you probably don't know who's advice or council to take today. Most likely, you will remain nameless and guiltless, because your not the one providing the information. Either way, you are about to become a major force again or are on the way back - literally.


Facts, figures, or statements may not be realistic. Nor are you likely to be taken in today. All the same, it doesn't matter if you can't repay a personal loan. For different reasons, a surprise could be ruined by a kindly deed. This is also likely to be a day when a situation you have sweated on has a positive, if not peculiar ending.


Even though complacency may have set in, you won't be wasting your time or money. In fact, you should be on the receiving end today. This doesn't mean everyone will be impressed by this marvelous change of circumstances. But it's not about pride, it's about having a generous heart.

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